About St. Lillian Academy

Teachers + Therapists + Parents = Our Foundation

At St. Lillian Academy, a faith-based school founded by professionals and parents, children with communication and learning challenges have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and enjoy rewarding lives as independent and engaged members of our community.

We educate a wide-range of students with a variety of diagnoses, such as down syndrome, developmental delay, speech and language delay, autistic spectrum disorder, apraxia, chromosomal abnormality, cerebral palsy, sensory processing disorder and ADHD. St. Lillian Academy’s staff and interventionists work with a holistic approach to progress skills in each domain of human development: cognitive; language(expressive/receptive); motor (gross/fine); adapted behavior and social/emotional. Our ability to manage individualized instruction, incorporating growth in each domain, in a standard school setting is what makes St. Lillian Academy unlike any other school in Baton Rouge.


Providing an exceptional education for students who have communication and learning challenges so they have the opportunity to maximize their future and become active members of our community.



St. Lillian Academy is an inspirational school where students strive academically while dignity, acceptance, trust, and love are fostered through:

  • Individual assessment and instruction;
  • A unique team teaching method that involves teachers and interventionists; and 
  • Community collaborations intended to increase expectations and outcomes for these students. 

Surrounding Students with Success

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